• Sheikh Zayed bin sultan Al Nahyan Children's memorial project, is a campaign to provide future and welfare to disadvantaged girls, children and orphans in Ghana-Africa.

  • PROJECT GOALS: The Sheikh Zayed Children's village project at Kumbungu in the Tolon-Kumbungu district of northern Ghana, West Africa:

  • 1. Would Bring together needy girls and children from the three northern regions for purposeful education

  • 2. Curtails the menace of migration of girls from the northern part of Ghana to the south in search of non-existent jobs during which process they encounter problems like homelessness, rape and teenage pregnancy and diseases.

  • 3. Resettles street girls and children to school

  • 4. Promotes cordial relations between UAE and Ghana, an oasis of peace and stability in the West African region

  • 5. Provide agricultural facilities to women and promote the sector in the northern region of Ghana.

  • 6. To honor Sheikh Zayed’s achievements in the field of education, politics and humanity


Saturday, February 9, 2019