How can i volunteer?

Volunteer your skills, time and commitment to help us provide and promote the education of the disadvantaged girls by building the Sheik Zayed Children's Village project in the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Why help us?
Yu will help to bring the gift of education to girls of school age at Tolon- Kumbungu District. You will find satisfaction and self-fulfillment that come from helping less fortunate people. We are indeed poised to help you walk the shores of life by leaving a positive footprint.
During your stay in Ghana, you will live with Ghanaian family and have opportunity to learn and share the culturally fulfilling Ghanaian experience.

Our Goal:
Build a school in the northern region of Ghana. With no existing school facilities for education, girls are leaving their homes in the north and travelling south in search of non-existent jobs where they are often abused and exploited.
Building a school in northern Ghana will provide the education and vocational skills that are needed to promote opportunities for local enterprise and employment. It will stem the migration of the girls to south and even encourage the return of others.

What skills do I need?
We believe there are no better skills than dedication to work. However your skills in general building and laboring will be appreciated. We need people with organizational skills.
Above all, we need people with determination and commitment to help us achieve goals. If you have the desire and passion we will ensure you have the tools and training you require.
Skills in journalism is welcomed and volunteers can also help collect food stuffs for needy girls, babysitting, teaching, counseling and extending a helping hand in their welfare

When can you help us?
We will welcome your help and enthusiasm at any time of the year.